Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Holidays Aren’t Over

In fact they’ll be with us all year. I spent all of the holidays making gifts and I’m STILL NOT DONE. Sigh…

But I’ve put a nice limit on myself that is forcing me to finish these up. No more new projects (unless they generate income) until the Holiday 2005 knitting is done. The deadline is the last week of February. And after that’s done with I’ll be starting with Holiday ’06. I’ll try to do one-two gifts per month until October when I hope to be finished with ’06. I’d really like to have a tradition of only one project on the needles on New Year’s Eve.

I haven’t been able to blog because my laptop was out of commission again (for the second time in less than two years of ownership. There seems to be a big issue with Toshiba laptops. I really wish I could be compensated. I’m going to look more into it.

To update on the works in progress since I last posted we have this:

Holiday '05 gifts; works in progress

A- The Organic Cotton Sweater- My god this project is driving me insane. It’s the first sweater I’ve ever designed and I may have gone the way too complicated route by having a cotton yarn with set in sleeves. I’ll have a more detailed post about this one soon. I wish I could walk away from it but at the same time I MUST OVERCOME IT! It won’t beat me! It’s also a Holiday gift so it’s still in the queue. I need to fix the button bands because the crocheted ones are bunching. I need to attach the hood but if I find myself close to deadline without a hood solution it will just be a triangular collar.

B- Glampyre Knit’s Waist Pack - This one nice and simple. I just have to seam up the sides, make the I-cord and attach the button. It’s a holiday knit for my sister. I also need to make another one of these for my other sister.

C- More Holiday ’05- Fingerless Mitts for my cousin, hat and gloves for my father. I just need to seam these.

D- The white and green balls are cotton. I’m making an oven mitt and 2 matching potholders. This is for Holiday ’06 so I’ll be tackling this after the deadline.

E- Fabi’s Poncho. Her birthday is in February so we have the same end of Feb. deadline. This was supposed to be her Holiday ’05 gift but I was having issues with the collar and decided to give her a black waist pack instead. (… that needs to be seamed and buttoned as well.)

As to what’s in the side bar:

- Wheat Leaf Soaker Shorts – some crotch issues but almost finished.

- Fabi’s poncho- I need to figure out the collar and do the edging

- Raspberry Baby Blanket- I haven’t touched this in a while. Some progress was made but I won’t be updating again until it’s finished. I need to get on this before the baby outgrows it.

- Primary Plus Soaker #2- This was completed in October. It was auctioned and the proceeds went to Habitat for Humanity in order to help with their Katrina Relief efforts.

- Mami's Shawl- I haven’t even started this. This may be bumped to Holiday ’06.

And in the bumped off category, we have the Navy Seafoam Soaker. It’s ripped back and I’ll probably just use the yarn on something else.

I have 6 other unfinished objects, two of them need to be completed by the deadline. The others have a deadline of December 31st, 2005. Some of these are over two years old. We’ll leave that for later.

© copyright 2006 The Holidays Aren't Over

Friday, September 16, 2005

Knit and Crochet Project Updates

I recently put up a Project Progress Bar for all projects- knit and crochet. You can see it on the left underneath the links.

The first project on the list is the Wheatleaf Soaker Shorts. I’m still at 75% with these. I thought I was done and seamed them up but the crotch looked horrendous. The rise was also too long too. I seem to always have this issue with soakers and pants that the rise is off on the first try. I swatch and wash but in the end my calculations must be off. Doesn’t surprise me, math and I have a tenuous relationship. She’s just so hard to communicate with! I’d have a picture of them but my husband keeps taking the digital camera to work with him. I’m going to have to do something about that.

Yarn: Patons Classic Merino Wool in Deep Olive, Natural Mix, Natural and Leaf
Pattern: Fern and Fearie Flat Knit Pants/Shorts
Needles: US 5 and US 7

Next up is the Navy Seafoam Soaker. The crochet hook came in and I decided to try the pants on the baby and the waist is too small. They took so long to complete that the measurements are no longer right for him. I’ll be ripping these out. Once that’s done I’ll probably make a pair of machine knit pants or shorts (depending on what the weather is like when I get around to them.)

Yarn: Patons Classic Merino Wool in Navy, Sage, Natural and Dusky Blue
Pattern: Joven (aka me!)
Needles: US H hook

Fabi’s Poncho- this is holiday knitting. Two years ago my sister in law asked me to make her a poncho. She even bought the yarn and everything. It’s about time I finished that. It began as a crochet project because at the time she asked I didn’t know how to knit. Now I’ve got a basic idea to make it on the knitting machine (with cables!) and a ribbed neckline. Somehow I’ve also got to figure out how to attach a hood. I need to get on this right away if I want this done by Yule.

Yarn: Patons Classic Merino Wool in Natural Mix
Pattern: Joven

Mami’s Shawl- another holiday project. I love my mother. She’s moving to Florida sometime next year (later rather than sooner PLEASE!) I want to make her something really nice so that she’ll have a reminder of how much she’s meant to me. This is crocheted. I haven’t even swatched for this. I need to get on this immediately. However, I asked Dh to make me a photocopy of the pattern at home so that I don’t mess it up and now we can’t find it. I had to order it again and I’m waiting for it to come in.

Yarn: Patons Grace in Sky
Pattern: Patons Classic Summer Crochet- Floral Shawl Pattern

Raspberry Baby Blanket- no update on this. I haven’t touched it since I last blogged about it.
Yarn: Peruvian Highland wool in 2010 Raspberry, 5420 Seashell Pink, 1255 Irish Moss, 2132 Mocha Cream, and 3075 Antique Blue.
Pattern: Peaches from Pipsqueaks by Kim Hargreaves
Needles: US 6

The Organic Cotton Sweater is for the store. I’ve been working on this since February. I have had the most difficult time attaching the set-in sleeves. I’ve finally done it and now it just needs to be seamed and have the hood attached.

Yarn: Packucho Organic Cotton in Natural
Pattern: Joven
Machine Knit KP 2.5 (I think.)

Finally, we have Another Primary Plus Soaker.
Yarn: Patons Classic Merino Wool in Rich Red, Sage, Maize and Dusky Blue
Pattern: Joven
Needles: US H hook

© copyright 2005 knit and crochet projet updates

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Another (and another and another) Wool Soaker

The wool soaker is finished and already being worn by it’s owner- my friend’s 17 month old baby. My friend tells me that people are commenting on it and saying good things. I decided to call it Primary Plus since it has the primary colors in it plus green.

Primary Plus- hand knit and crocheted wool soaker

I also finished another soaker which is completely crocheted. The pattern was Dandelion Dreamers Crocheted Soaker Pattern. See both soakers in the gallery.

New Denim Wool Soaker

As soon as the Rainbow soaker was completed I started another one for my baby. Here’s the work in progress although right now the waist ribbing is completed. My son lost my crochet hook and I’d like to shorten the rise on these so this soaker is on hold until my new hook comes in.

Navy Seafoam- hand knit and crocheted wool soaker

I’ve got a lot of projects going on including a pair of wool shorts and I’ve started my holiday knitting.

© copyright 2005 Another (and another and another) Wool Soaker

Gallery: Crocheted Soaker

Crocheted Soaker
completed May 2005

New Denim Wool Soaker

Pattern: Dandelion Dreamers Crocheted Soaker Pattern

Yarn: Patons Classic Merino in New Denim, 100% Wool

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Gallery: Primary Plus

Primary Plus
completed July 2005

Primary Plus- hand knit and crocheted wool soaker

Pattern: My own

Yarn: Patons Classic Merino Wool in Rich Red, Sage, Maize and Dusky Blue; 100% wool

Technique: Crocheted in the round with k2 p2 ribbing and cuffs.

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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Gallery: Galaxy Afghan

Galaxy Afghan
completed March 2005
Here you can see what I did with the purple half-motifs.Galaxy Afghan, wrong side

Yarn: Plymouth Encore- 75% Acrylic, 25% Wool

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Polar Bear Sweater

Polar Bear Sweater
completed December 2003

back of Polar Bear Sweater
click photo to enlarge

Pattern: Crochet for Babies and Toddlers by Betty Barnden

Yarn: Berella Country Garden, 100% Wool

Striped Pullover

Striped Pullover
completed December 2003

Striped Pullover
close up of striped pullover
click photo to enlarge

Pattern: Crochet for Babies and Toddlers by Betty Barnden

Yarn: Patons Bumblebee in Lily of the Valley and Little Boy Blue

Rainbow Blocks Afghan

Rainbow Blocks Afghan
completed December 2002

Rainbow Blocks Afghan, close up
Rainbow Blocks Afghan
click to enlarge

Text text text text.

Gallery 2005

Galaxy Afghan
Crocheted Wool Soaker
Here you can see what I did with the purple half-motifs.
New Denim Wool Soaker
Primary Plus Wool Soaker
Primary Plus- hand knit and crocheted wool soaker

Gallery 2002-2003

Rainbow Blocks Afghan
Rainbow Blocks Afghan


Polar Bear Sweater
Striped Pullover
Polar Bear Sweater


Friday, June 17, 2005

Raspberry Updated- Knit Baby Blanket

I’m making slow progress on this knit baby blanket. I like knitting it and getting to the next color helps me relish in my progress. But it will soon be 3 months that I’ve been working on this. The baby may outgrow it before I’m done. I’m close to 1/3 of the way through so this will be the last update before I show finished photos. Have I mentioned that this is my first completely hand knit project?

Here’s how things looked when I first started in March.

Baby Blanket Edge

This is what I had last week.

I can't get over these colors.

As of now, I’m 6 rows into the blue stripe after the beige in the picture.

I've also finished the cuff on Wool Soaker so all that's left to do is weave in the ends and wash.

© copyright 2005 Raspberry Updated- Knit Baby Blanket

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Wool Soaker

I took a hiatus from the Raspberry Knit Baby Blanket and started designing a wool soaker. For those of you who don’t know, a wool soaker is a diaper cover made of wool. Wool is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, which means it can get wet with urine and once dry it won’t smell or “grow” anything. It also absorbs 30% of its weight in liquid without feeling wet. This makes wool a wonderful and natural option for diaper covers.

My original intention for Joven's product line was not to get into soaker making because there’s a lot of competition and I’m focusing my services on accommodating ECing families who wouldn’t really have much use for a soaker. However, I made a pair for the new baby because I do use diapers with covers when we’re out of the house. (It’s hard for me to stay “in tune” with the baby’s elimination needs when we go out because the older kids are always running around like maniacs so busy.) Making the pair gave me some ideas for a pattern of my own and now I’m experimenting with them.

The design that I’ve been working on so far is crocheted in the round until you divide the front and back for the leg holes. The ribbing and the cuffs are k2, p2 ribbing. When I was designing it, I thought I was being so original having a crocheted soaker with knit ribbing and soon found that about 3 other soaker knitters were doing the same thing.

Crocheted Wool Soaker with knit ribbing
The color scheme was inspired by the Raspberry knit baby blanket. The yarn is Patons Classic Merino Wool in Rich Red (I’m loving this color as much as Raspberry), Sage, Maize and Dusky Blue. The soaker looks great except for one thing, when you change colors there seems to be a stair step effect which seems inherent with crocheting in the round.

Stair Stepping Colors on Wool Soaker
Someone gave me an idea to try to avoid this. If this new idea works, I’ll just focus on standardizing sizes. If it doesn’t, I’m going to try a soaker crocheted flat. I just can’t accept this kind of imperfection on something I’m going to sell.

© copyright 2005 Wool Soaker